Jun 13, 2010


This is her very first photo session. At 38 months she knows how to work the camera. She required very little direction and is a natural infront of the camera. She is 38 months old. Watch carefully, there are 3 photos in the slideshow.

  • Photo 1: The original photos are slightly underexposed to capture the details. This way I can decide during the digital retouching stage how much detail I want to show in certain areas.
  • Photo 2: The exposure is corrected, colors are shifted, and the background is recropped.
  • Photo 3: If you look closely
    • The missing background on the left is reconstructed.
    • Some of the flying hair is retouched out and/or reduced.
    • Slight bags under the eyes are lightened and blended to give a more natural and smooth look.
All these little details make a big difference in the resulting photo. Remember that my photos can be printed to 30x40, so you will see a bigger difference when the photos are viewed at a bigger size.

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