May 1, 2010


I took this photo about 5 or 6 years ago with a much older camera. You can see the difference in quality of the Nikon D1X compared to the Nikon D3 that I shoot today. Remember there is a 10 year difference between the two cameras.

This photo is used on her blog, The photo is the focal point around the web design. Watch carefully, there are 3 photos in the slideshow.

  • Photo 1: The original photo
  • Photo 2: The exposure is corrected and the colors are shifted.
  • Photo 3: If you look closely
    • The shadow created by the hat is carefully lightened.
    • Bags under the eyes are dramatically reduced
All these little details make a big difference in the resulting photo. Remember that my photos can be printed to 30x40, so you will see a bigger difference when the photos are viewed at a bigger size.

Note: Skin work or skin resurfacing is necessary for people over 10 years old. In most children and pet photography, this step may not be necessary.

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