Jun 21, 2010


The model is a good friend of mine who I meet at my 9 to 5 job a few years ago. Our mutual passion for photography brought us close. She tells me that she enjoys taking photos but doesn't like her photo taken because she considers herself not photogenic. I told her she would think differently about her photogenic-ness after a professional took her portrait. Here I am to prove my point.

Watch carefully, there are 3 photos in the slideshow. Can you tell the difference?

She suggests (all the time) I put before and after photos for discussion purposes. Well, I am using your photos I took yesterday as an example and here is a new section dedicated to sharing the digital retouching process.
  • Photo 1: The original photos are slightly underexposed to capture the details. This way I can decide during the digital retouching stage how much detail I want to show in certain areas.
  • Photo 2: The exposure is corrected (depending on what works for the specific photo) and the colors are shifted.
  • Photo 3: If you look closely
    • The fly away strand of hair on the right side is gone
    • Right side near the neck and shoulder, there is a small gap in the hair that has been filled in
    • The skin on the right jaw (below the cheek) is reduced for slimming results
    • Bags under the eyes are dramatically reduced
    • The background details are lightened so the model stand out in the photo more
All these little details make a big difference in the resulting photo. Remember that my photos can be printed to 30x40, so you will see a bigger difference when the photos are viewed at a bigger size.

Note: Skin work or skin resurfacing is necessary for people over 10 years old. In most children and pet photography, this step may not be necessary. So what to do you think about the digital retouching process?

I only take adult photos when the headshots are necessary component of the web design service I provide. is a great example of a taking the headshot and making it the focal point of the web design.

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