Jun 21, 2010


There are many tricks and techniques to create a photograph that is the best version of you. Body and hair contouring is the ultimate option to enhance your best parts and minimize a few less desirable ones. Remember the lens captures everything and exaggerates certain features depending on the angle or pose. To be more specific, what the human eye sees and what the lens sees are slightly different due to the optics of the lens. The area closest to the lens appears larger in the photo. It is important to keep this in mind when posing the model.

Watch carefully, there are 2 photos in the slideshow.

Did you notice the...
  • Bags under the eyes are dramatically reduced.
  • Hair is digitally sculpted to make her face slimmer.
  • The jaw line on the both sides are contoured to slim the face.
  • Width of the right shoulder is reduced to make her slimmer.
  • There is a small gap in the hair (left side near the neck) that has been filled in.
This is one of the best angles for the model. For round faces it is flattering to have model turn about 40 degree away from the camera. This gives the illusion of a oval shaped face. Her hair is very pretty in this photo but because the the wind has blown the hair away from the face, it adds a few pounds. By bringing the hair in towards the face and reducing the volume of the hair, she instantly looks slimmer. The right shoulder was also slimmed down. All the little details contribute to the resulting photo where she looks much slimmer. Don't you think?

Every photo has different digital enhancement needs. Proportion is very important to create slimming and flattering results. Remember the camera adds 10 lbs so I use angles, and digital contouring to shave off at least the added 10 lbs and at least another 10 lbs. For natural results like this it takes hours to achieve.

It is very common to use a combination of the angle/pose and digital contouring to give the best results. The resulting image is closer to the what the human eyes sees (the model is not as heavy as represented in the first photo). Remember the camera and Photoshop is a tool and it is up to the photographer to use them wisely and appropriately.

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